Today I was going to put up a fun character question that I got from a friend. But it doesn’t seem like the day for such a thing. Not right now.

I found out about the shooting in Orlando yesterday morning while I was at work. I was so tired that I really haven’t been able to truly process the tragedy until today. I spent most of my morning at work on the verge of tears.

This is a senseless tragedy. A terroristic hate crime, that was perpetrated during a time when this community should have been celebrating. A person with hate in their heart walked in to a sanctuary of love and life, and they mowed down 100 people, killing 50 of them.

No one should have access to the tools to do such a horrible thing. This man was not at war, he wasn’t under attack. He didn’t choose a government or military target: he chose a target full of innocent people who thought they were in a safe space. This was an act of terror, and a crime of hatred.

I can’t even function today because I’m so upset. So many of my friends are members of the LGBTQA+ community. Their rights and their lives mean a lot to me. No one should have to be afraid of not being allowed to go to the bathroom, or being shot for no reason.

Thoughts and prayers are well and good, but there is so much more that needs to be done. We need legislation. We need health care. We need people to not use religion to spread hatred.

Last month I made PrideĀ buttons that I’d been thinking about making for two years. I finally designed them and listed them on Etsy just a few weeks ago. For the next two weeks, 40% of the proceeds of the sale of these Pride buttons will be donated to The Center Orlando, one of the oldest LGBT support centers in the country. That’s around $0.60 per button sold.

We’ll started Character Questions on Thursday. Please send me any questions you may have for the cast of Adrastus, because right now I only have two.

I love all of you who come to this website. You mean so much to me! And please, if you love someone and haven’t told them lately, let them know. Because you never know when that opportunity might be gone.

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