Once again I’m in the Two Geeks Talking tournament! It’s time for Round One, and voting goes until this coming Saturday. Votes will be tallied on Sunday and the new brackets go up in a week. You can vote for your favorite interviews in each round once per HOUR. Adrastus is in Bracket #16, and at the time I’m writing this we’re ahead, but voting has only been open for three hours.

I think it’s really important to vote in this tournament, even if it’s not for me. For one thing, there’s no captcha or having to make an account, so it’s really quick. You’re going to spend like 2 seconds voting. If you vote every hour you’re awake, that will take up less than a minute of your time. Not only that but it lets you support your favorite creators even if it’s not with money or something. At times, we creators can feel like we’re all alone and no one cares about what we do, like we’re shouting in to the void. This is a chance to brighten a creator’s day, and it literally takes nothing but a few seconds of your time to do it. So go, vote for your favorites, share the interviews, promote the link on social media! Show your favorite artists, writers, cosplayers, and other entertainers that you support them!