Happy New Year, Mechaheads! I hope that whatever holiday you celebrate (or don’t) was spent in whatever way you like to spend it and that your new year is going well so far.

My holidays were a bit insane. I got a seasonal PT job with UPS, had some depression issues, and had four different Christmas celebrations to attend. Needless to say (maybe), all this left me exhausted. Actually, we had to leave early from my parents’ place because of my mixture of physical and emotional exhaustion coupled with physical pain I was experiencing. That was not a fun day and it almost resulted in a panic attack.

But after a day of rest at home I’m feeling better. Unfortunately, all this upheaval means that I have to push back starting to post Chapter 16 for another week. Boo! But it should only be one week. I could probably get the cover done today and posted if I rushed, but I don’t want to rush it, or rush the first few pages. So there’s just going to be a little delay before pages start back up again.

If you want to track my chapter 16 progress, I’ve been posting a lot of fun previews and talking in-depth about my comic process over on Patreon! As little as $1 a month gets you access to the patrons only stuff, where you can get a glimpse behind the scenes of the comic. It’s pretty cool and I hope I make it a little interesting, so come check it out if you’re interested! I also talk about Manga Studio tips and plan to be giving Patrons-Only tutorials and such in the coming year.