No, it’s not a sketch. Yes I was just being goofy with a Pony Creator game and a background someone vectored on DeviantArt. But I still think it’s kind of cute. Okay, I admit, I think it’s really damn cute. If Hasbro had some boy ponies out in my area I’d be making customs right now based on this picture. Where’s some Blind Bag boy ponies when I need them?! Anyway, for lack of anything other than Chapter 7 teasers to show at the moment, this is what I have this week. Maybe next week I’ll start getting out the Chapter 7 teasers. I’m so excited about this coming chapter!

(Sorry there was no Saturday Sketch last week. I’m going through some… stuff… right now, and while I may blog about it eventually at the moment it’s a bit personal. If things go right though it should all clear up in a few weeks.)

So, what are you doing this weekend? Want to get a few spoilers for Chapter Seven and learn about how to get started in Manga Studio? (My new favorite drawing program ever!) Then you should stop by WEBReeF this Sunday at 3p.m. EST for my Manga Studio panel!  I’m going to be introducing some of my favorite time saving features in a newbie-friendly way, because I’m still a newbie myself! And of course what I’ve been working on is the next Adrastus chapter, so you’ll get some glimpses at that if you stop by. Also that same day, at 7 p.m. EST, myself, Kevin Wilson and Lo Baker will be causing a huge rip in the space-time continuum as we join together and discuss GIANT ROBOTS!! You know you won’t want to miss it, so stop on by the site and listen to the three of us be crazy!